SSA Summer Invitational Results – August 26-27

Thank you to Jim and Bonnie Urban for putting together a great job with the whole SSA Team

Pos Sail Skipper/Crew/Club 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Total
1 419 Wulff, Jenn & Ray 4 2 1 1 5 2 1 16.00 1
2 381 /Jenner, McNamara 1 9 9 3 1 1 3 27.00 2
3 USA 68 Schoene, David/ SSA 6 4 2 5 7 4 5 33.00 3
4 45 Filter, Henry/Todd Hiller, Chris Chadwick, Tom Murray/ SSA 5 3 12 11 3 5 4 43.00 4
5 44 Vickers, Bill 2 1 7 2 4 15/DNC 15/DNC 46.00 5
6 USA 357 Coffey, Philip/TBD/ SSA 8 11 3 6 8 3 7 46.00 6
7 168 McKenna, Marty/Brian Murphy, Mike Cunningham, Sam Cunningham/ YYC 15/DNC 6 4 12 9 8 2 56.00 7
8 5 Urban, James/Bonnie urban, Jim Urban/ SSA 7 7 11 10 6 7 9 57.00 8
9 4 Zurmuhlen, Gregory/Mark Wagner, Logan Hearn, Ava DeBois/ EYC 11 8 6 4 15/DNC 6 8 58.00 9
10 USA 27 Sullivan, Neil/Jeff Todd,Chip Carr, James Golden/ AYC 3 12 8 9 2 10 15/DNC 59.00 10
11 385 Donald, Keith/Avery Donald, Peggy Donald, Beth Owen/ SSA 10 13 5 8 11 9 6 62.00 11
12 231 Kowalyshyn, Dina/Charley Kowalyshyn, Britton Steele, Chip Swatta/ SSA 9 5 10 7 15/DNC 15/DNC 15/DNC 76.00 12
13 # 217 Brigham, Harry/ SSA 12 10 13 13 10 11 10 79.00 13

Annapolis Yacht Club Summer Series – July 22nd – Results

J 70
1.   207 Joint Custody J-70 Ray & Jenn Wulff 1 1.0
2. 81   USA 381 Tea Dance Snake J 70 Todd Jenner 2 2.0
3. 31   USA 035 Moxie J 70 Cole Allsopp 3 3.0
4.   USA 28 Monkey Business J 70 Jonathan Pollak 4 4.0
5.   USA 68 uno mas j 70 David Schoene 5 5.0
6.   USA 5 Urban Myth J 70 James Urban 6 6.0
7.   USA 6 6 J 70 Mark Hillman 7 7.0
8.   USA 45 Wild Child J 70 Henry Filter 8 8.0
9. Ullman Sails  USA 357 DangerMouse J 70 Taz Coffey 9 9.0
10.   USA 154 Spice J 70 Keenan Hilsinger 10 10.0
11. North Sails  USA 4 Sport J 70 Gregg Zurmuhlen 11 11.0
12.   USA 231 Coalition J 70 Charles Kowalyshyn 12 12.0
13. 27   USA 27 Derecho J 70 James Golden 13 13.0
14.   USA 220 Phoenix J 70 Peter Firey 14 14.0
15.   217 Antagonist J 70 Harry Brigham 16/DNF 16.0

2017 Schedule

April-29 – AYC Spring OD Regatta
May 5th-7th -Annapolis NOOD Regatta (3-Day)
June-3 – Peter McChesney’s Sun Fun Rum Regatta
June-24 – Eastport Yacht Club One Design Classic
July-22nd – Annapolis Yacht Club Summer One Design
August-26th-27th – Severn Sailing Association Mid-Summer Invitational (2-Day)
Sep 30th-Oct1st – Annapolis Yacht Club Fall Series (2-Day)
October-21st-22nd – Eastport Yacht Club Fall Brawl (2-Day)
November-18th – Spa Creek Turkey Bowl

Is it spring yet?!?! It sure feels like it.

I hope that everyone is as excited as I am for the upcoming racing season.  As it stands now we have fully 76 racing days with J/70 fleet starts right in Annapolis on tap in 2016!  You can link to the detailed schedule here [J70_2016_Schedule_Detail] or find the summary at:

A few other items of note to discuss:

Annual Meeting: 

We will be holding an Annual Fleet Meeting on Sunday April 3rd at 1pm.  Tentative location is the SSA Clubhouse.  There is much to discuss and I hope as many people as possible will be able to attend.

Annapolis NOOD:

The NOOD is fast approaching and our goal is to get 60 boats on the line this year.  If you plan to sail please register ASAP at: .  Let all of the out of town boats know that this is going to be a serious event and that they can plan to come down with confidence!

If you are planning on coming from out of town and you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly [].

Extended Thursday Night Racing

While there are still some items left to work out, per our request,  Jworld has graciously offered to host an extended Thursday Night Racing season in the month of September.  This would consist of 3 to 4 additional weeks added on the traditional TNR season, which ends at the end of August.


2015/16 Results have been added to the results page!!!

If anyone has any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me directly.  I am looking forward to another exciting and rewarding season of J/70 racing.  Hopefully everyone else is as well!

-Jon Pollak

SSA Mid-Summer Dream Regatta

WitBig thanks to Jonathan Pollak making this happen!evil-monkeyh 19 boats registered at this first time event, it looks to be a great event.

Regatta Page:

Fleet One Party afterwards at 105 Spa View Avenue, Annapolis: 6 PM – 10 PM

OMAHA! OMAHA! – AYC One Design Date Change!

The Annapolis Yacht Club Race Committee has finalized the splits for the April One Design regatta and have pushed the J/70s to Sunday. (April 26th) We were not given a reason why the change and this is the first time this move has been communicated (Apologies for just passing this along now.)

Hopefully the NOR and registration will also be posted shortly.

Out with old, in with 2015!

As we look forward to 2015, I wanted to pass along some things in the hopper that I would like to solicit your feedback on. 

AYC Regattas
Annapolis Yacht Club is having a meeting next week for fleet representatives so we can provide them feedback on what can be improved in their regattas, format, social structures. I see this as a great step by which the clubs are reaching out to try to improve the events for the racers. If you have any suggestions or comments you would like me to pass along, please let me know and we can see how they can be incorporated.
I attended the CBYRA annual meeting at EYC last week and came away with the impression that although they are trying to make things better, it still does not benefit the fleet members to require we be certified as a CBYRA class. The organization does a great job coordinating the various club schedules however as a competitor, the individual benefits are not there. Later in January there is a scheduling meeting we will attend however I believe much of the structure and schedule has been cast. One positive note was the number of regattas who are interested in supporting the J/70 and are willing to find out what we are looking for is very high. More work needs to be done and I will be sure to convey anything I hear, see, or read.
Hangover Bowl
Are you kidding me, really? This fun race for Frostbite participants is at the crack of noon and starts IN THE CREEK. Should be a fun event and is a great way to start the new year. AYC Website with Details
2015 Schedule
There are still some questions that need answering on the schedule however please take a look at the DRAFT schedule on the website( ) and provide feedback ( A survey will be sent out to see what people are thinking of attending.)
Some of the outstanding questions
  • Will Screwpile structure the racing in the river and remove a distance race from the schedule?
  • Can we combine a clinic/tune up with the SSA regatta in April? ( Social post racing)
Davis Island Series
It is awesome to see all the Chesapeake teams doing so well at Davis Island Series in Tampa, Florida. Between Al Terhune, The Allsopps, and Holly Graf, it has been awesome. Follow them here:
Class Association Website:

All the best,

Ray Wulff