Local Resources

As the season ramps up, here are some local resources for coaching, repairs, and rigging options.

Resources for coaches:
Geoff Becker gbeckersail@gmail.com,410-703-9136
Kristen Berry kristen@galeforcesailing.com  410-599-3542
Zeke Horwitz zeke.horowitz@northsails.com  941-232-3984
Scott Steele ssteele@ullmansails.com  443-255-6797

Fiberglass work:
Mike Beasley, Beasley Marine, 410-693-9889
Kate Chaney 410-279-6445
Nate Newsome 410-253-9247 NNewsome@annapolisyc.org

Geoff Becker gbeckersail@gmail.com,410-703-9136
Ed Furry/ Sail 22 info@sail22.com 574-889-0022