Monthly Archives: January 2019

Looking forward to the 2019 Sailing Season

Hello J/70 racers,
I’m happy to report to you that the J/70 fleet in Annapolis is doing well!  In addition to a local AYC Sunday Frostbite showing, we had a number of participants down in Davis Island, FL for Series 2, including various crew members on OPB (Other Peoples Boats).  Although it’s not set in stone, I’m attaching our calendar for 2019.  

Changes this year include more opportunities to get better and sail in some different formats.  Please mark your calendars for Saturday, 4/27/2019.  We’ll call it “Spring Commissioning Day”.  The day will include a boat set-up, modifications, tuning, and maintenance presentation with slide show led by J/70 World Champion, Geoff Becker. The day will start around 9 am at the new AYC annex.  Our National Technical Chair, Polk Wagoner, from Philadelphia will also be present for rules questions and clarifications.  Next, a break for lunch followed by boat weighing, boat set-up and splashing.  

On-the-water practice and training will be provided by Rolex Yachtsman of the Year nominee Zeke Horowitz from North Sails.  

Also, I would also like to encourage the fleet to sign up for Friday night Beer Can Racing as a fun way to introduce new blood, sail with family, crush some beers, or whatever.  I’ve got commitments from a few boats, but would like to ask for a show of hands of who else may be interested.  If we get enough boats, we could have our own start.