J/70 2018 Turkey Bowl Regatta

IMG_0001I wanted to get a feel for who is planning on sailing the Turkey Bowl on the 18th of November
( No entry fee required, just need a feel for your level of commitment): Please email raywulff@gmail.com

The Turkey Bowl is a fun regatta in Annapolis Harbor ( Think of near the Naval Academy sea wall). Game plan is to have a skippers meeting at the Boatyard Bar & Grill @ 10 am and head out from there. ( Call it an 11ish start given the time we can get the boats to the harbor, setting up, yadda, yadda yadda). Life jackets mandatory, more details forthcoming.

Prizes are turkeys and hecklers are encouraged.
Also, here is a call for volunteers for the event.Note: We are working on a party hopefully to coincide with the event with an Evite being sent out once we have more details.

Current Entries

217 – Harry Bringham – Antagonist
5 – Bonnie and Jim Urban – Urban Myth
419 – Fletcher Sims – The FCF Experience
45 – Henry Filter – Wild Child
68 – David Schoene – Uno Mas
56 – Eric Droff – Wicked
220 – Pete Firey – Phoenix
168 – Marty McKenna – Rarity
4 – Gregg Zurmuhlen – Sport
209 – Todd Hller – Leading Edge