Key West Race Week 2014

Kathy-Parks-at-KWGood luck to all the Fleet one teams who made the trek down to Key West. Will there be enough breeze to race on Monday? Will there be too much on Wednesday?

Some quick notes on the teams that made the trip to Quantum Key West Race Week,

  • Kathy Parks stepping up the game with the addition of Brad Julian (2nd at the 2013 J22 Worlds) with Roger Link, Trevor Perkins.
  • Pete Firey bringing in Tim Mangus video king from the 22 and 35 fleet
  • The family Allsopp bringing in Brendan Healy to try and recreate the magic from 2013
  • Cat Evans lining up both Ian Gordan and Share Shwingleburg (sp!). Powerful line up!
  • Kristen Berry joining the fleet with a bang and going big at KW

Good luck to all the teams. We’ll be following closely.

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